New Faculty

Dr. Juan Pablo (JP) Reyes Genere joins the Department of Medicine

Juan Pablo (JP) Reyes Genere, MD

Dr. Juan Pablo Reyes Genere obtained his medical degree from the University of Minnesota and subsequently undertook residency training at the University of Chicago. He then undertook GI fellowship training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, following which we were delighted he matched into the advanced endoscopy fellowship program at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Reyes Genere has had the privilege to care for many patients with gastrointestinal malignancies throughout his training, carrying both the weight of the challenges of disclosing an end-stage cancer diagnosis as well as the fulfillment of delivering the news of a positive outcome in early-stage cancer. Providing care for patients with cancer has largely influenced Dr. Reyes Genere’s research interests. He has studied endoscopic resection in the treatment of superficial esophageal cancers, particularly those invading beyond the submucosa, where the role of endotherapy is not yet fully understood.

More recently, Dr. Reyes Genere evaluated the safety of endoscopic submucosal dissection with a next-generation device as a means to facilitate acceptance of this valuable research in the US. With a recognition that technology changes quickly, he diversified his research to include the validation of non-endoscopic technologies used to screen for Barrett’s esophagus and for the presence of gastric contents, which may mitigate risk for peri-procedural aspiration. Dr. Reyes Genere’s research interests moving forward include the assessment of novel endoscopic technologies and for diagnosis and treatment of foregut gastrointestinal malignancy. As a faculty member of the Gastroenterology Division’s Interventional Endoscopy section, Dr. Reyes Genere looks forward to expanding the current programs in pancreatic and biliary disease along with development and expansion of programs in endoscopic submucosal dissection in the management of endoluminal tumors.