Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Anti-racism.
They’re more than just words in this department. They are core values that we embrace and actively engage with everything we do.

Victoria Fraser, MD, Chair, Department of Medicine

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship and Social Justice (IDEAS) at the Department of Medicine, formally known as the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, works to expand the School of Medicine’s mission to enhance inclusion, diversity, and equity along with a commitment to allyship and social justice throughout the department.

IDEAS is charged with making structural, process and programming changes to help welcome, support and promote individuals of all backgrounds, especially those who have been historically under represented in all levels of academic medicine. We find that our differences in thought, lived experiences, physical make-up and social identities make us better problem solvers, more inspiring educators, more innovative researchers and more compassionate physicians.  

Our mission

We want to lead by creating a Department of Medicine where we are all valued; where we attract others to join us in our work; where we are supported to thrive in making our unique contributions; and where our differences are regarded as a strength and an important aspect of our excellence in patient care, education and research.