September 2023 – Professional Fulfillment: Connecting to Joy & Meaning session

Sponsored by FWIM and the DOM Office of Education

We are excited to offer a leadership development program for the women residents and fellows in the Department of Medicine. 

The aim is to provide critical skills to our next generation of women leaders to lead effectively with confidence and establish a network of support. The course will target specific skills through reflection exercises and interactive workshops that will include case-based learning, role-play, and experiential learning. 

The curriculum will cover topics such as effective communication skills, negotiation strategies, creating individual career development plans, curating your professional network, and leveraging your strengths.

The program will begin at the end of September 2023 through April 2024. Space is limited to a small cohort of 10-15 trainees that will be selected to participate. During the program, each participant will be paired with a faculty member who will serve as a program mentor for one-on-one mentoring sessions to guide you on your leadership development journey. Sessions will take place in-person in the evenings about every 6 weeks. A certificate will be provided to the trainees upon completion of the 8-month program.

Program Sessions and Speakers:
September 13, 2023Rakhee Bhayani, MDFinding Meaning and Purpose in Medicine
October 23, 2023Cassandra Fritz, MD, MPHSBuilding your Academic Team for Success
December 6, 2023Abby Spencer, MD, MS, FACPCommunicating Effectively, Adapting your Style
January 9, 2024Hilary Babcock, MD, MPHLeadership and Communication Skills
February 13, 2024Dominique Cosco, MDDeveloping an Individual Career Development Plan
March 19, 2024Eva Aagaard, MDNegotiation
April 10, 2024Joan Noelker, MD, MACM, FACEPCrucial Conversations/ Conflict Resolution
September 29Rakhee Bhayani, MDFinding Meaning and Purpose in Medicine
October 25Abby Spencer, MD, MS, FACPCommunicating Effectively, Adapting your Style
December 7Cassandra Fritz, MD, MPHSBuilding your Academic Team for Success
January 18Hilary Babcock, MD, MPHLeadership and Communication Skills
February 15Vicky Fraser, MDCreating an Individual Career Development Plan
March 15Eva Aagaard, MDNegotiation
April 6Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD; Maanasi Samant, MD; Saiama Waqar, MBBS, MSCIConflict Management
FWIM Trainee Leadership Development Program Cohort
FellowsIM Chief ResidentsResidents
Anne Marie Kerchberger, MD
Cosette Champion, MDAmanda Golden, MD – PGY-2 
Farah Abuazzam, MD
Erin Dyer, MDEmma Doenier, MD – PGY-2 
Felina Innaci Dass, MD
Millie Horn, MDKylie Cleavenger, MD, MPH – PGY-2 
Jalpa Devi, MBBS
Morgan Nguyen, MD – Dermatology resident, PGY-2 
Kandice Roberts, MD
Shaili Tapiavala, MD – PGY-2
Mehr Shah, MD
(Allergy & Immunology)
Preet Shaikh, MD
Sambhawana Bhandari, MBBS
Samantha Adamson, MD, PhD
Shannon Coombs, MD
Christine Auberle, MD
Hirva Joshi, MD
Michelle Lim, MD
Vanisha Patel, MD
Emily Podany, MD
Rachana Raghupathy, MD
Kristen Wong, MD
Samrah Razi, MD
Fatimah Sajjad, MD

“The leadership program was incredible. It broadened my skillsets, gave me access to unique mentorship opportunities, and honed my leadership skills. I loved the range and depth of the curriculum and how interactive the sessions were with the female speakers – all of whom were brilliant, accomplished, and inspirational. I came away with increased confidence in myself and my skills, and with a network of women that I can reach out to for career advice. It was a truly invaluable experience and I am excited to move forward in my career armed with the knowledge I gained.”

Emily Podany

“Explored aspects of leadership that I hadn’t thought about before and helped me to consider what being a leader might look like in my life, identifying my strengths and how I could utilise those strengths to identify relevant leadership positions and ways that I can be a more effective leader.”

“One of my biggest struggles was confidence. I feel like this program really helped me by showing me how to cope with my own insecurities and project confidence, even if I don’t always feel that way. The program forced me into uncomfortable situations (i.e. negotiation), where I was provided a safe space to grow.”

“It helped me develop a network of women leaders at various stages that I can lean on, provided me excellent examples of good leaders, helped me identify my own strengths and weaknesses and see how to leverage them.”

“I learned techniques for asking for things that I deserve, and that my team deserves; as well as how to negotiate solutions. A leader is someone who the team looks up to for being able to do said things in a dignified manner, and I feel that I’ll be able to implement what I learned and do just this.”

“This was a fantastic experience and I feel that all of my leadership skills have improved. I feel I can recognize which of my skills I need to utilize in new situations, and how to play to my strengths. I have learned so much about myself and about how to confidently lead.”