The Department of Medicine is committed to training the next generation of students and fellows interested in basic science, biomedical and clinical investigation. The following tables itemize the training program grants available across the Department.

F Grants
Project titleProject numberProject periodPI
The action of DDR2 in cancer-associated fibroblasts promotes ovarian cancer metastasis through increased arginase-1 activity.5F30CA278318-022023-2027AKINJIYAN, FAVOUR AYOMIDE
Effects of Genetic ANGPTL3 Deficiency on Hepatic Lipid Regulation and Lipoprotein Production5F30HL162576-022023-2025BURKS, KENDALL HELENE
Mechanism of CD8 regulation of natural killer cell biology5F30AI161318-042021-2025CUBITT, CELIA CLAIRE
Redox defenses and evasion of reactive oxygen species mediated host immunity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis5F31AI152321-032021-2024GRIGSBY, STEVEN JOSEPH
Harnessing Dendritic Cells as a Novel Therapy in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma5F30CA254087-042020-2024HOGG, GRAHAM DOUGLAS
Elucidating the Critical Role of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor Class A Domain Containing 3 in Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Neuron Infection and Pathogenesis5F30AI164842-022022-2024KAFAI, NATASHA MONIR
The gene regulatory landscape of healthy and failed repair proximal tubule subpopulations in kidney disease5F30DK132862-032022-2025LEDRU, NICOLAS HYUN
Depalmitoylation regulates hepatic glucose metabolism5F30DK131830-032021-2024SPECK, SARAH LILLY
Elucidating the role of EOMES in Memory-Like NK cell Differentiation5F31GM146361-032022-2025TRAN, JENNIFER
Cytokine-mediated neurologic disease in COVID-195F32NS128065-022022-2024VANDERHEIDEN, ABIGAIL ROSE
Targeted sequencing of cell-free DNA for monitoring of prostate cancer progression5F31CA265010-032021-2024WEBSTER, JACE
K Grants
Project titleProject numberProject periodPI
Phenotype, dynamics and activation of myocardial B lymphocytes in response to ischemia/reperfusion injury1K08HL145108-01A12019-2020ADAMO, LUIGI
Heart Failure Polypill in India: A Late-Stage Implementation Strategy1K99HL157687-01A12022-2024AGARWAL, ANUBHA
Defining The Role of Failed-Repair Proximal Tubule Cells in AdvancedRenal Disease in African Americans1K99DK134882-01A12023-2025BRADFORD, SHAYNA TOYAN JOY
Site-1 Protease in the regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and exercise endurance1K01HL145326-012019-2023BROOKHEART, RITA THOMAS
Neoglycosylation Epitopes in Metaplasia and Cancer1K08DK132496-012022-2027BROWN, JEFFREY WADE
Defining microbial and host determinants of Acinetobacter survival in the urinary tract1K08AI148582-01A12020-2025CALIX, JUAN JOSE
Tubular senescence and proliferative capacity of the aging kidney1K08DK122124-01A12020-2025CHANG-PANESSO, MONICA
Epigenetic Regulation of Cutaneous Tumorigenesis1K08CA237727-01A12020-2025CHEN, DAVID
Identifying determinants of ADAR-dependency in triple-negative breast cancer1K99MD016946-012021-2023COTTRELL, KYLE
Using Implementation Science and Informatics to Develop and Pilot Test Antibiotic Stewardship Clinical Decision Support1K23DE029514-01A12021-2026DURKIN, MICHAEL JOSEPH
The Role of MYC Mutations in acute Myeloid Leukemia1K08CA252632-01A12021-2026FERRARO, FRANCESCA
Deep Sequencing of Relapse and Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma Genomes: A Study of Tumor Biology and Evolution1K22CA266743-012023-2026GOMEZ, FELICIA
Washington University Paul Calabresi K12 Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology2K12CA167540-112012-2027GOVINDAN, RAMASWAMY
Clinic to Community Connections: Enhancing Prenatal to Postpartum Care Transitions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Low Income Women with Gestational Diabetes1K23HD096204-01A12019-2023HERRICK, CYNTHIA J
CD40 Immunotherapy Effect on the Cardiac Immune Landscape and Response to Myocardial Disease1K08HL163518-01A12023-2028JIMENEZ, JESUS
Improving the activity of CAR T cells for acute myeloid leukemia1K08CA277000-01A12023-2028KIM, MIRIAM Y
Fate-mapping of Cardiac Monocyte Recruitment and Specification1K99HL166861-01A12023-2025KOENIG, ANDREW LEIGHTON
Microfibril-associated glycoproteins attenuating pulmonary fibrosis1K08HL159418-01A12022-2027KOENITZER, JEFFREY
Dissecting the Role of Donor CCR2- Macrophages During Acute Cellular Rejection After Heart Transplantation1K08HL159359-01A12022-2027KOPECKY, BENJAMIN J
Examining the Role of RNF168 Activity in BRCA1 Mutant Cancers1K22CA276631-012023-2026KRAIS, JOHN
Microbial drivers of metabolically unhealthy obese phenotype1K01DK133670-012022-2027KULKARNI, DEVESHA
C3 Mitigates Epithelial Injury in Pneumonia1K08HL148510-012019-2024KULKARNI, HRISHIKESH SATISH
Longitudinal Analysis of the Fecal Microbiome and Resistome of Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Urinary Tract Infections and Predictors of Recurrence1K23AI137321-01A12019-2023KWON, JENNIE H
Lung-resident memory B cell development and function following influenza virus infection1K22AI153015-012020-2022LAIDLAW, BRIAN
Adipose-Specific Phosphatidic Acid Phosphatase Activity of Lipin 1 Regulates Systemic Insulin Sensitivity1K01DK126990-01A12021-2025LUTKEWITTE, ANDREW
Single Cell Analysis of Kidney Transplant Antibody Mediated Rejection1K08DK120953-012019-2024MALONE, ANDREW FRANCIS
Mechanistic Investigations of Sebaceous Skin Microbial Community Remodeling in Acne Remission1K08AR076464-012020-2025MCCOY IV, WILLIAM HOWARD
3-Dimensional virtual ventricles to design precision therapies in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy1K08HL153794-01A12021-2026MORENO, JONATHAN
Enteroendocrine cell plasticity during intestinal injury1K08DK122101-012019-2020MUEGGE, BRIAN DAVID
Developing and Pilot Testing a Decision Aid for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment with Incarcerated Individuals Anticipating Release1K23DA049689-01A12020-2020MUTHULINGAM, DHARUSHANA
Identification of Pathogenic T cells in Axial Spondyloarthritis1K08AR079593-01A12022-2027PALEY, MICHAEL ALEXANDER
Improving Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Care in Rural Areas1K01AG071749-01A12022-2026PRUSACZYK, PATRICIA ELIZABETH
Targeting Lysosome Function in Lipid Overload Cardiomyopathy1K08HL163469-012022-2027RAWNSLEY, DAVID
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (KL2)2KL2TR002346-062017-2027REEDS, DOMINIC N
Establishing roles for the type I interferon/double-stranded RNA response and Helicobacter pylori-specific transcripts in the progression to metaplasia in gastric epithelium1K08DK122116-012019-2024SAENZ, JOSE BERNARDO
Understanding the regulatory role and therapeutic potential of long non-coding RNAs in metastatic colorectal cancer1K22CA241329-012020-2023SILVA-FISHER, JESSICA
Mechanisms regulating chimeric antigen receptor T-cell activity in cancer1K08CA237740-012019-2024SINGH, NATHAN
Influence of Mycophenolic Acid Pharmacogenomics on Lung Transplant Outcomes1K01HL155231-012021-2026TAGUE, LANESHIA K
Sepsis phenotypes at risk for infections caused by multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacilli: elucidating the impact of sepsis definition and patient case mix on prediction performance1K08GM140310-012020-2024VAZQUEZ GUILLAMET, MARIA CRISTINA
Skin Neuroimmune Mechanisms of Urticarial Itch1K08AR080219-01A12022-2027VER HEUL, AARON
Cancer-Cell and T-cell Dependent Regulation of Tumor Associated Macrophages1K08CA245215-012019-2024WARD, JEFFREY P
The role of the Hippo Pathway in gastric homeostasis and metaplasia1K01DK120800-01A12020-2024WILLET, SPENCER GAFFNEY
Integration of HSC Stress Responses and Disease Progression by DNMT3A Mutations1K99HL165103-012022-2024ZHANG, CHRISTINE R
R25 Grants
Project titleProject numberProject periodPI
Program for Advancing Early-Career Researcher Excellence through Leadership and Management Practices1R25GM143346-012021-2026ANTES, ALISON L
Washington University SummeR reseArch DIversity ProgrAm iN Cardiovascular Disease & HEmatology (RADIANCE)1R25HL163863-012022-2027DAVILA-ROMAN, VICTOR G.
Summer Program for the Advancement of Research Relevant to NIDDK (SPARK)1R25DK132966-012022-2027REEDS, DOMINIC N
Biomedical Informatics and Data Science at Institute for Informatics (BIDS@I2)1R25LM014224-012022-2027YEN, PO-YIN
Infectious Disease/Immunology Stimulating Access to Research in Residency (ID/IMM StARR) Program at Washington University1R38AI174266-012023-2028YOKOYAMA, WAYNE M.
T Grants
Project titleProject numberProject periodPI
Principles in Pulmonary Research2T32HL007317-46A11978-2029HOLTZMAN, MICHAEL J
Molecular Oncology Training Grant2T32CA113275-162006-2028RATNER, LEE
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (TL1)2TL1TR002344-062017-2027PICCIRILLO, JAY F.
Skeletal Disorders Training Program2T32AR060719-112011-2027CIVITELLI, ROBERTO
Principles in Cardiovascular Research Training Program2T32HL007081-46A11975-2026DIWAN, ABHINAV
Infectious Disease/Basic Microbial Pathogenic Mechanisms2T32AI007172-41A11980-2026GOLDBERG, DANIEL E.
Immunobiology of the Rheumatic Diseases2T32AR007279-41A11977-2026LENSCHOW, DEBORAH J
Pre-and Postgraduate Training in Molecular Hematology2T32HL007088-461975-2025OH, STEPHEN TRACY
Clinical/Laboratory Training Academic Gastroenterology2T32DK007130-471975-2025DAVIDSON, NICHOLAS O.
Diabetes and Related Metabolic Diseases2T32DK007120-461975-2025SEMENKOVICH, CLAY F.
National Research Service Award-Medical Scientist2T32GM007200-461975-2025YOKOYAMA, WAYNE M.

Visit each Division for more information about the training grants listed above. Additional information and resources about training grants is also available on the Clinical Research Training Center’s Office of Training Grants webpage.