The Department of Medicine is committed to training the next generation of students and fellows interested in basic science, biomedical and clinical investigation. The following tables itemize the training program grants available across the Department.

F Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Functional Characterization of WFS1 in Pancreatic beta-cell Viability and Function5F30DK111070-042020Abreu, Damien
Investigating the relationship between macrophage ontogeny and function during pancreatitis1F31DK122633-01A12020Baer, John M
Molecular Mechanism of TMEM16A Surface Stabilization by CLCA15F30HL140783-032020Berry, Kayla Nicole
The role of Arf tumor suppressor in translational reprogramming5F32GM131514-022020Cottrell, Kyle
Identification of epigenetic subclones in lymphomas and leukemias5F30CA224687-032020Fong, Jerry
The Role of Homeodomain Proteins in Human Decidualization5F32HD100120-022020Haller, Meade Elspeth
The Impact of Nucleolar Stress on Thymocyte Development and T Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Transformation5F31CA247136-022020Krambs, Joseph Ryan
Elucidating the protective role of stromal fibrosis to radiation-induced tumor immunity5F30CA243233-022020Krisnawan, Varintra Edlyn
The role of type I interferons during chikungunya virus infection1F31AI149999-01A12020Locke, Marissa Christine
Targeting interferon lambda signaling during central nervous system autoimmunity5F31NS108629-022020Manivasagam, Sindhu
Analysis of factors controlling coxsackievirus population dynamics in the intestine7F32AI138392-032020Mccune, Broc Taylor
Stress Pathways in the Induction of Metaplasia5F31CA236506-022020Radyk, Megan D
Regulation of metabolic stress by the Snhg3 locus.5F30DK120141-032020Sletten, Arthur Curtis
Epithelial Regulation of Chronic Itch1F30AI154912-012020Trier, Anna Meredith
The role of TGF beta and SIX2 on SC-beta cell maturation1F31DK125068-01A12020Velazco-Cruz, Leonardo
K Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Fostering integrity and societal impact in genomics through management and leadership practices5K01HG008990-052020Antes, Alison L
Site-1 Protease in the regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and exercise endurance5K01HL145326-022020Brookheart, Rita Thomas
Washington University K12 Program in T4 Implementation Research5K12HL137942-042020Davila-Roman, Victor G
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (KL2)5KL2TR002346-042020Fraser, Victoria J
Washington University Paul Calabresi K12 Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology5K12CA167540-092020Govindan, Ramaswamy
Lung-resident memory B cell development and function following influenza virus infection1K22AI153015-012020Laidlaw, Brian
Prediction and Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Multiple Myeloma5K01HL136893-032019Sanfilippo, Kristen M
Understanding the regulatory role and therapeutic potential of long non-coding RNAs in metastatic colorectal cancer1K22CA241329-012020Silva-Fisher, Jessica
Investigate the effect of oncogenic EZH2 mutations on chromatin and cancer5K22CA229612-032020Souroullas, George P
Tools for normalizing and interpreting the clinical actionability of genomic variants5K99HG010157-022020Wagner, Alex Handler
The role of the Hippo Pathway in gastric homeostasis and metaplasia1K01DK120800-01A12020Willet, Spencer Gaffney
R25 Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Educational Program to Improve Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking in Biomedical Researchers5R25GM116727-042020Garbutt, Jane M
Washington University Cancer Genomics and Outcomes Research STRENGTH Program5R25CA190190-052019Govindan, Ramaswamy
T Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Immunobiology of the Rheumatic Diseases5T32AR007279-402018Atkinson, John
Skeletal Disorders Training Program5T32AR060719-102020Civitelli, Roberto
Clinical/Laboratory Training Academic Gastroenterology2T32DK007130-472020Davidson, Nicholas O
Principles in Cardiovascular Research Training Program5T32HL007081-452020Diwan, Abhinav
Infectious Disease/Basic Microbial Pathogenic Mechanisms5T32AI007172-402020Goldberg, Daniel E
Principles in Pulmonary Research5T32HL007317-432020Holtzman, Michael J
Renal Disease5T32DK007126-442020Humphreys, Benjamin D
Pre-and Postgraduate Training in Molecular Hematology5T32HL007088-452020Oh, Stephen Tracy
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (TL1)5TL1TR002344-042020Piccirillo, Jay F
Molecular Oncology Training Grant5T32CA113275-132020Ratner, Lee
Diabetes and Related Metabolic Diseases2T32DK007120-462020Semenkovich, Clay F
National Research Service Award-Medical Scientist3T32GM007200-46S12020Yokoyama, Wayne M
National Research Service Award-Medical Scientist2T32GM007200-462020Yokoyama, Wayne M

Visit each Division for more information about the training grants listed above. Additional information and resources about training grants is also available on the Clinical Research Training Center’s Office of Training Grants webpage.