The Department of Medicine is committed to training the next generation of students and fellows interested in basic science, biomedical and clinical investigation. The following tables itemize the training program grants available across the Department.

F Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Investigating the relationship between macrophage ontogeny and function during pancreatitis5F31DK122633-032020-2023BAER, JOHN M
Neuroskeletal crosstalk in load-induced bone formation1F31AR081123-012022-2024BEEVE, ALEC T
Determining and Overcoming barriers in translating HIV-1 protease mediated activation of the CARD8 inflammasome to HIV cure research1F31AI165251-01A12022-2025CLARK, KOLIN
Mechanism of CD8 regulation of natural killer cell biology5F30AI161318-022021-2024CUBITT, CELIA CLAIRE
Targeting Rad18-dependent replication stress pathways to modulate chemoresponse in BRCA1-deficient cancers5F30CA254215-032020-2024CYBULLA, EMILY
Mechanisms and impacts of astrocyte inflammasome activation during viral encephalitis1F32NS126238-012022-2024DAVE, VERONICA ANJALI
Atherogenic mechanisms of SVEP1, a Novel Human Coronary Artery Disease Locus5F30HL152521-022021-2025ELENBAAS, JARED SCOTT
Redox defenses and evasion of reactive oxygen species mediated host immunity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis5F31AI152321-022022-2024GRIGSBY, STEVEN JOSEPH
Impact of gut microbial metabolism on host breath volatiles5F30DK127584-022021-2025HERNANDEZ-LEYVA, ARIEL JOSE
Harnessing Dendritic Cells as a Novel Therapy in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma5F30CA254087-032020-2024HOGG, GRAHAM DOUGLAS
Using Administrative and Research Data to Investigate Risk and Protective Factors for Smoking During Pregnancy5F30DA047742-032020-2024HOUSTON-LUDLAM, ALEXANDRA NOEL
Dynamics and immune control of norovirus infection in neonatal mice5F31AI167499-022021-2023KENNEDY, ELIZABETH ALEXANDRA
Elucidating the protective role of stromal fibrosis to radiation-induced tumor immunity5F30CA243233-042019-2023KRISNAWAN, VARINTRA EDLYN
The gene regulatory landscape of healthy and failed repair proximal tubule subpopulations in kidney disease1F30DK132862-012022-2025LEDRU, NICOLAS HYUN
Distinct innate immune responses to HSV-1 versus HSV-2 genital infection determine extent of neuronal infection.5F30AI161309-022021-2023LEE, AISHA GRACE
TAFopathies Result from Derangements in Transcriptional Control of Metabolism5F31HD106710-022021-2023LEID, JAMISON
Chemo-Mechanical Feedback between CAFs, Leader Cells, and the Extracellular Microenvironment Regulates Leader Cell Regulated Collective Cell Migration1F32CA275212-012022-2023MORIKIS, VASILIOS ARIS
Depalmitoylation regulates hepatic glucose metabolism5F30DK131830-022021-2024SPECK, SARAH LILLY
Cytokine-mediated neurologic disease in COVID-191F32NS128065-012022-2024VANDERHEIDEN, ABIGAIL ROSE
Targeted sequencing of cell-free DNA for monitoring of prostate cancer progression5F31CA265010-022021-2024WEBSTER, JACE
Tracing the timing of monozygotic twinning using somatic mutations.1F30HD106744-01A12022-2024YOON, CHRISTOPHER JONGSOO

K Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Microfibril-associated glycoproteins attenuating pulmonary fibrosis1K08HL159418-01A12022-2027KOENITZER, JEFFREY
Washington University Paul Calabresi K12 Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology2K12CA167540-112012-2027GOVINDAN, RAMASWAMY
Dissecting the Role of Donor CCR2- Macrophages During Acute Cellular Rejection After Heart Transplantation1K08HL159359-01A12022-2027KOPECKY, BENJAMIN J
Identifying determinants of ADAR-dependency in triple-negative breast cancer1K99MD016946-012021-2023COTTRELL, KYLE
Heart Failure Polypill in India: A Late-Stage Implementation Strategy1K99HL157687-01A12022-2024AGARWAL, ANUBHA
Neoglycosylation Epitopes in Metaplasia and Cancer1K08DK132496-012022-2027BROWN, JEFFREY WADE
Integration of HSC Stress Responses and Disease Progression by DNMT3A Mutations1K99HL165103-012022-2024ZHANG, CHRISTINE R
Microbial drivers of metabolically unhealthy obese phenotype1K01DK133670-012022-2027KULKARNI, DEVESHA
Skin Neuroimmune Mechanisms of Urticarial Itch1K08AR080219-01A12022-2027VER HEUL, AARON
Targeting Lysosome Function in Lipid Overload Cardiomyopathy1K08HL163469-012022-2027RAWNSLEY, DAVID
Identification of Pathogenic T cells in Axial Spondyloarthritis1K08AR079593-01A12022-2027PALEY, MICHAEL ALEXANDER
Improving Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Care in Rural Areas1K01AG071749-01A12022-2026PRUSACZYK, PATRICIA ELIZABETH
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (KL2)2KL2TR002346-062017-2027REEDS, DOMINIC N
R25 Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
Program for Advancing Early-Career Researcher Excellence through Leadership and Management Practices5R25GM143346-022021-2026ANTES, ALISON L
Biomedical Informatics and Data Science at Institute for Informatics (BIDS@I2)1R25LM014224-012022-2027YEN, PO-YIN
Summer Program for the Advancement of Research Relevant to NIDDK (SPARK)3R25DK132966-01S12022-2027REEDS, DOMINIC N
Summer Program for the Advancement of Research Relevant to NIDDK (SPARK)1R25DK132966-012022-2027REEDS, DOMINIC N
Washington University SummeR reseArch DIversity ProgrAm iN Cardiovascular Disease & HEmatology (RADIANCE)1R25HL163863-012022-2027DAVILA-ROMAN, VICTOR G.
Educational Program to Improve Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking in Biomedical Researchers5R25GM116727-052017-2023DAVIS, JESSE ALAN
T Grants
Grant titleAward numberProject periodPI
National Research Service Award-Medical Scientist3T32GM007200-48S11975-2025YOKOYAMA, WAYNE M.
Infectious Disease/Basic Microbial Pathogenic Mechanisms5T32AI007172-421980-2026GOLDBERG, DANIEL E.
Clinical/Laboratory Training Academic Gastroenterology5T32DK007130-491975-2025DAVIDSON, NICHOLAS O.
Immunobiology of the Rheumatic Diseases5T32AR007279-421977-2026LENSCHOW, DEBORAH J.
Principles in Pulmonary Research5T32HL007317-451978-2023HOLTZMAN, MICHAEL J.
National Research Service Award-Medical Scientist5T32GM007200-481975-2025YOKOYAMA, WAYNE M.
Principles in Cardiovascular Research Training Program5T32HL007081-471975-2026DIWAN, ABHINAV
Clinical/Laboratory Training Academic Gastroenterology3T32DK007130-49S11975-2025DAVIDSON, NICHOLAS O.
Diabetes and Related Metabolic Diseases5T32DK007120-481975-2025SEMENKOVICH, CLAY F.
Renal Disease5T32DK007126-461975-2023HUMPHREYS, BENJAMIN D.
Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (TL1)2TL1TR002344-062017-2027PICCIRILLO, JAY F.
Skeletal Disorders Training Program2T32AR060719-112011-2027CIVITELLI, ROBERTO
Pre-and Postgraduate Training in Molecular Hematology5T32HL007088-471975-2026OH, STEPHEN TRACY

Visit each Division for more information about the training grants listed above. Additional information and resources about training grants is also available on the Clinical Research Training Center’s Office of Training Grants webpage.