Washington University Team Wins Inaugural TL1 Debate, ‘Statin Wars’

TLI Debate Team
Pictured from left to right: Adisa Kalkan, Jay Piccirillo, Ameen Awad, Annahita Fotouhi, Samuel Cortez, Alexandra Zdonczyk, and Ana Maria Arbelaez.
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Congratulations to Washington University TL1 trainees, Ameen Awad, Samuel Cortez, MD, Annahita Fotouhi, and Alexandra Zdonczyk for winning the inaugural TL1 Debate on November 9, 2021, defeating a team from the University of Michigan. The debate, a new event developed from an existing training exercise for TL1 trainees at Washington University in St. Louis, featured four, pre and postdoctoral TL1 trainees from both Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Michigan discussing the pros and cons of statins around the theme: “Should statins be prescribed for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease among the very elderly (>=75 years old)?”.