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Ramakrishnan received Gilead HIV Research Scholars Program Award

Aditi Ramakrishnan, MD, MSc

Aditi Ramakrishnan, MD MSc, Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Department of Medicine at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, received the Gilead HIV Research Scholars Program Award.

Dr. Ramakrishnan was selected as one of three award recipients by Gilead Research Scholars to receive the Gilead HIV Research Scholars Program Award for a two-year early career investigator award to focus on applying epidemiology and implementation science to improving HIV prevention in St. Louis; “A Novel Approach of Epidemiology and Intervention Mapping to Improve PrEP Retention in Sexual Health Clinics”

The Research Scholars Program supports innovative basic and clinical research from emerging investigators around the world to incorporate new perspectives in our pursuit of scientific understanding and progress. We believe that new voices and research topics are needed to advance scientific knowledge in areas of unmet medical need and create a healthier world.

The HIV Research Scholars Program award provides a scientific community and significant funding which is now supporting me to carry out novel, patient and community-engaged research to help jump-start my career as a physician-scientist in HIV prevention and implementation science. I am truly grateful that the committee recognized the importance of the questions that I hope to better understand to help end the HIV epidemic.

Aditi Ramakrishnan, MD

Dr. Ramakrishnan is a physician with training in HIV prevention and care, infectious diseases, medical anthropology, and clinical research, and shares her mentors are Dr. Elvin H. Geng and Dr. Hilary Reno both from the WashU Division of Infectious Diseases and Dr. Anandi N. Sheth, from Emory School of Medicine.