New Faculty

Peter G. Ruminski

Peter G. Ruminski joined the Department of Medicine as an Instructor in the Division of Oncology on October 1, 2017.

Peter comes from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, where he served as the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for World Health & Medicine for the past seven years. There, he led the Center’s efforts to develop safe and effective therapies for neglected and orphan diseases. Prior to that, he had over 31 years’ experience as an accomplished pharmaceutical scientist (Monsanto, Searle, Pharmacia and Pfizer), with a strong medicinal chemistry and molecular biology background. He has led numerous cross-disciplinary teams within a fast-paced, results-oriented matrix environment across a variety of therapeutic areas. He has expertise in optimizing leads directed at mechanistic targets underlying disease pathologies, and in translating these leads into novel clinical candidates to advance into human clinical trials. Peter’s contributions have led to the discovery and development of multiple proprietary clinical drug candidates and significant fundamental scientific advancements in the areas of fibrosis, oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, ophthalmology, metabolic diseases, angiogenesis and anemia. He has provided leadership and expertise while at Pfizer in the areas of medicinal chemistry, drug design, building of IP small molecule portfolios, patent writing and evaluation, and pharmacology, with a particular emphasis on the biology/chemistry interface, cell signaling pathways, RGD integrin antagonists, protein kinases, transcription factors, and epigenetic modifications. He fosters an environment of open collaboration, creativity and innovation, and directs multi-disciplined teams of scientists toward results driven goals.

Peter has received numerous honors and awards and has a record of scientific accomplishments via an extensive list of patents and publications, and has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and symposia.