Director of the Forum for Women in Medicine (FWIM)


We are soliciting applications for this leadership position from faculty members with a strong interest in supporting the professional development of women trainees in the Department of Medicine. The Director will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the FWIM organization and promoting the professional development and networking opportunities. This is a leadership position that requires strong organizational skills, collaboration abilities, and a commitment to advancing the careers of women in medicine.

Please submit a one-page letter of interest, along with your Curriculum Vitae to  using this WUSTL box link by September 15, 2023.  Additional questions about this leadership opportunity can be directed to Dr. Rakhee Bhayani at

Position Title: Director, Forum for Women in Medicine

Effort: The role is funded at 0.1 FTE


  1. Oversee FWIM Operations: The Director will be responsible for managing the operations of FWIM. This includes setting strategic goals, developing action plans, and ensuring the organization operates efficiently and effectively.
  2. Collaborate with Subcommittee Leads: The Director will work closely with subcommittee leads to support and guide their efforts. Regular meetings with subcommittee leads will be conducted to ensure alignment with FWIM’s mission and to facilitate communication and collaboration among team members.
  3. Create Programming for Professional Development: One of the key responsibilities of the Director is to develop and implement programs that support the professional development of women trainees in medicine. This may involve organizing workshops, lectures, and webinars.
  4. Facilitate Networking Opportunities: The Director will be instrumental in creating opportunities for women trainees to network with colleagues and faculty. This may involve organizing social gatherings that foster meaningful connections among members and with prominent figures in the medical field.
  5. Budget Management: The Director will manage FWIM’s budget. This includes creating budgets for programs and initiatives, tracking expenses, and ensuring financial resources are allocated effectively to meet the organization’s objectives.
  6. Reporting and Communication: The Director will report directly to the Vice Chair for the Advancement of Women’s Career. Regularly scheduled meetings with the Vice Chair will be conducted to discuss progress, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. The Director will also be responsible for providing regular updates and reports on FWIM activities and achievements. The Director will also communicate regularly with the Director of Advancing Women in Academic Medicine (AWAM) and the Director of the AMWA medical student group to collaborate and align efforts.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships with stakeholders, subcommittee leads, and members.
  • Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple projects and initiatives simultaneously.
  • A passion for promoting the professional development and empowerment of women in medicine.

We welcome candidates of all backgrounds and experiences to apply for this important position. The Director of FWIM will have a significant impact on the lives and careers of women trainees in medicine, making this an exceptional opportunity for an individual dedicated to fostering positive change in the medical community.