Events / Transitioning to a Consultant

Transitioning to a Consultant

5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Presented by the DOM Fellows’ Council

The transition from residency to fellowship is one of the hardest, with new fellows expected to have the knowledge/skills of consultants even though they were residents calling consults asking for help just a week before that. Moving across the country to join a new program, new EMR, unfamiliar hospital/call systems, busy rotations all add to the stress of that time!

The Fellows Council is hosting a workshop and panel discussion where senior fellows from various DOM specialties can provide an avenue for the incoming fellows to chat with them and gain some tips/tricks on how to navigate this transition, and not just survive but thrive the first year! This is also an opportunity for fellows to form networks and meet people outside their program to augment the sense of community and belonging.

Julie Byington (
Gayathri Krishnan, MD (

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