New Faculty

Dr. Tyler Degener joins the Department of Medicine

Tyler Degener, MD

Dr. Tyler Degener joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases as an Assistant Professor as of July 2023. Dr. Degener has completed his medical training in various different cities across the country, including upstate New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Denver. He prides himself on the breadth of different experiences gained from training in unique locations and medical institutions, and learning how people practice medicine in different environments. His clinical interests include HIV treatment and prevention, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), LGBTQ+ medicine, and anal dysplasia.

He has trained to be able to perform high-resolution anoscopy (HRA), which consists of obtaining screening anal PAP-smears, monitoring for abnormal anal dysplasia lesions via HRA procedure, biopsy suspicious lesions, and treating/eradicating high-grade anal mucosa lesions to prevent progression to invasive anal cancer. He has a special interest in treating those living with HIV and LGBTQ+ population health. Dr. Degener’s research interests include HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, engagement into HIV care, and retention in care for those living with HIV (the HIV care continuum). He compassionately cares for his HIV patients and discusses barriers for adherence and how those barriers can be overcome in the future. Dr. Degener attends on the inpatient general ID service. He also sees patients in the outpatient ID clinic for HIV treatment, PrEP, and HRA procedures. He oversees learners rotating on the service with him and performs both formal didactic teaching during service time and informal teaching during rounds.