New Faculty

Dr. Sena Sayood joins the Department of Medicine

Sena Sayood, MD

Sena Sayood, MD received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, with a special focus in signal processing, at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln before continuing on to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for medical school, where he participated in the enhanced medical education track in quality improvement. He completed residency training in internal medicine at the University of Utah, where under the mentorship of Emily Spivak, MD, he gained early experience in antimicrobial stewardship. From there, he went on to complete his infectious diseases fellowship training at Washington University in St. Louis. During fellowship, under the mentorship of Mike Durkin, MD, he continued to develop his interest in antimicrobial stewardship by serving on the antimicrobial stewardship committee. Additionally, he developed a specific focus on outpatient stewardship interventions.

Currently, Sena is interested in interventions relevant to infectious diseases and public health that can be implemented at the community pharmacy level, clinical decision support, and antimicrobial stewardship. He is currently involved in a multi-state collaboration that involves the use of centralized, computerized clinical decision support to implement community pharmacist-initiated HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), which will support efforts to expand PrEP access. Successfully implementing a software platform that will allow for standardized delivery of care in pharmacies with respect to PrEP will allow for future work expanding to other community pharmacy-based interventions, including outpatient antimicrobial stewardship and the management of other common infections. On the inpatient side, Sena is continuing to work on the antimicrobial stewardship committee and will be spearheading an effort to create a hospital-wide handshake stewardship program.