New Faculty

Dr. Miriam Jacobs joins the Department of Medicine

Miriam Jacobs, MD

Dr. Miriam Jacobs joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Oncology as an instructor in July 2022. She has an interest in immune based therapies with a specific focus on natural killer based cellular therapies. Her current laboratory based work focuses on the development of memory-like NK cells in combination with cetuximab as a therapy for patients with advanced and metastatic head and neck cancer. Dr. Jacobs treats patients with malignancies of the thyroid and head and neck.

Her clinical interests align closely with her preclinical work. To date, her clinical research has focused on novel therapeutic strategies to enhance responses to immune checkpoint therapies in early stage head and neck cancer and in the metastatic setting. Her research focuses on therapies which decrease morbidity currently associated with the treatment of early stage head and neck cancers. Her key interests are head and neck cancer and research Interests are natural killer cells and novel immunotherapeutic strategies to treat solid tumors.