New Faculty

Dr. Michael Iglesia joins the Department of Medicine

Michael Iglesia, MD, PhD

Dr. Michael Iglesia joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Oncology as an instructor as of July 2023. Advances in the treatment of solid tumors are dependent on our understanding of their intricate substructure and how tumors relate to their environment. His research is focused on applying bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing as well as spatial techniques to better understand tumor substructure. In particular, his research focus is the relation between tumor cells and normal cells across different tissue types, and how these foster or inhibit the growth and spread of cancers. Dr. Iglesia applies these research methods to hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal malignancies with an eye towards identifying cell types and cellular programs that can be targeted in early phase clinical trials. Clinically, he cares for patients with hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal cancers, with a particular clinical focus on cholangiocarcinoma. His key interests are gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary oncology.