Dr. Medoff honored with plaque representing the annual Gerald Medoff, MD Visiting Professors

Faculty and fellows gathered to present the “Annual Gerald Medoff MD Visiting Professor”  plaque to Dr. Medoff.  Dr. Medoff is honored for his leadership, outstanding vision, dedication and commitment to excellence during his tenure in the Infectious Disease Division at Washington University. The perpetual plaque hangs on the wall of the Infectious Diseases Division with the names of the visiting professors to date and name plates to add future professors who come to Washington University through an award in his name.

Courtney Chrisler, MD, assistant professor of medicine, Gerald Medoff, MD, emeritus professor of medicine, Hilary Babcock, MD, associate professor of medicine, and Gerome Escota, MD, assistant professor of medicine gather for the celebration.

Gerald Medoff MD Visiting Professors:

2014 Douglas Richman, MD
2015  Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD
2016  Kieren Marr, MD
2017  Cynthia Sears, MD

Thank you to the many contributors who helped make this award possible.