Dr. Manasa Metireddy joins the Department of Medicine

Dr. Manasa Metireddy joins the Department of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology as an Assistant Professor in October, 2018.

Dr. Manasa Metireddy received her MBBS from Sri Venkatesward Medical College in India in 2005. She was class valedictorian and voted most outgoing student in medical school. Dr. Metireddy subsequently completed her internal medicine internship and residency in 2011 at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her nephrology fellowship at the University of Michigan in 2013. During her work as a fellow, she was described as a superb clinician. During her residency, she was able to also participate in a research project. Upon completion of her fellowship, Dr. Metireddy joined a two-person, private nephrology practice. Additionally she has worked as a hospitalist. This unique combination gives her deep clinical experience. For the past five years, Dr. Metireddy has been a clinician and is well-respected by her colleagues who describe Dr. Metireddy as diligent, comprehensive, astute and collegiate. During her work at St. Joseph, she also mentored many new nurse practitioners.

Dr. Metireddy is also a peer-reviewed author and researcher. During her fellowship, she initiated and designed a project to evaluate erythropoietin stimulating agent requirements in renal transplant patients who are transitioned to dialysis. This research led to a peer-reviewed article. Dr. Metireddy will partner with Dr. James Davis of WU Nephrology to form the new community-based faculty practice within the Division of Nephrology. Drs. Metireddy and Davis will initiate a new inpatient service at Christian Hospital and cover the new WU Nephrology dialysis unit in North County. Dr. Metireddy will also work in other dialysis units and start new outpatient clinics in North and West Counties.