New Faculty

Dr. Lindsey Filiatreau joins the Department of Medicine

Lindsey Filiatreau, PhD

Dr. Filiatreau joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases as an assistant professor as of May 2023. She is an epidemiologist whose research centers on 1) quantifying disparities in mental health, substance use, and HIV treatment outcomes among people with HIV in resource constrained settings; and 2) minimizing these disparities through the effective identification and scale-up of culturally-relevant, evidence-based interventions. Broadly, Dr. Filiatreau aims to leverage robust causal epidemiologic and implementation science methods to support the achievement of equitable short- and long-term physical and mental health outcomes among people with- or at heightened risk for- HIV.

A majority of Dr. Filiatreau’s research has been conducted with collaborators in the Global South, including in South Africa, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. Dr. Filiatreau also supports a growing body of work that aims to better understand and improve longitudinal HIV prevention, treatment and care outcomes among people with- or at heightened risk for- HIV in the greater St. Louis area. Her key interests are global health, HIV, psychosocial well-being, causal epidemiologic methods and implementation science. Her research areas are understanding longitudinal engagement in HIV prevention and care services and barriers and facilitators to sustained engagement in care over time; integrating HIV and mental health care for improved well-being among those with comorbid HIV and mental health disorders.