Dr. Jeff Brown joins the Department of Medicine

Dr. Jeff Brown joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology as an Instructor in July, 2018.

Dr. Brown was born in Detroit, MI and grew up in the neighboring suburbs until moving to upstate New York to attend Colgate University for his undergraduate studies. He then moved to Boston, where he began a combined MD/PhD program at Boston University School of Medicine. In the laboratory of Dr. C. James McKnight, he received a Ph.D. in biophysics with emphasis on structural biology. He then moved to Pittsburgh, where he completed an internal medicine residency at UPMC Presbyterian / Montefiore hospital, before moving to St. Louis for his Gastroenterology fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine.

He and his wife have been together since high school and they are thrilled to finally settle down in St. Louis with their three children (4 years old, 2 years old, and 3 months).

Dr. Brown views himself as a physician scientist and will pursue both lines of work. He looks forward to attending to the inpatient GI service, outpatient endoscopy, as well as working towards an independent research career. At Washington University School of Medicine, he has joined the laboratory of Jason Mills where he is learning a variety of cell biology techniques as well as gaining experience with mouse models. Ultimately, Dr. Brown plans to draw on his expertise in protein biochemistry and structural biology (Multidimensional NMR, X-Ray Crystallography, and Electron Microscopy) combined with experience with cell biology (cell culture, organoids) and mouse molecular-genetic models of disease to elucidate the protein mechanics responsible for large scale cellular processes at a molecular and, at times, atomic level of resolution.