New Faculty

Dr. Mohammad Kashif Ismail joins the Department of Medicine

Mohammad Kashif Ismail, MD

Dr. Mohammad K. Ismail joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology as a Professor in July of 2022. He is currently a full-time GI faculty at University Hospital with expertise in advanced GI endoscopic work in the evaluation and management of patients with various GI/Pancreticobiliary diseases and cancers including endoscopic ultrasound and biopsy, cancer staging, Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and advance endoscopic procedures including metal stenting, endoscopic resection, and endoscopic suturing. He has experience of ERCP among pediatric patients as well. From the very beginning of his academic career, he was actively involved in teaching and training and served as Associate Program Director for GI fellowship Training at University of Tennessee, Memphis from 2004-2006, and later promoted to Program Director position in 2006, which he continued until July 2021. During this period, he trained over 60 GI fellows. Throughout his academic career, he was actively involved in teaching and training of fellows/residents and medical students.

He received “Top 20 Teaching Award, 2003 and 2004” as well as Chief of Teaching, Education and Research at Methodist Univ Hosp, Memphis in July 2016. Dr. Ismail served as Member of NCCN Colorectal Cancer Screening Panel from 2009-2016, where they took the task of publishing guidelines for Colon Cancer Screening. These guidelines provide a framework for practicing physicians, especially gastroenterologist and oncologist to make decisions regarding colon cancer screening. American Gastroenterology Association is the national/international GI society with over 16,000 members around the globe. AGA honors superior professional achievement in academic or clinical practice with fellowship in the organization (AGAF).

He was fortunate to be an early recipient of AGAF award in 2009. He has been actively involved in research, with his focus on outcome studies and Meta-Analysis/Systemic reviews. His clinical focus is mostly in GI Oncology, and therapeutic endoscopy. His is actively seeking opportunities in learning new endoscopic skills focused in these areas, with special interest in third space endoscopy. He served as reviewer for many peer reviewed GI Journals and member of National Gastroenterology and Endoscopic Associations. His current areas of interests are meta-analysis and Systemic reviews, he has been actively involved over the years in Meta-analysis and Systemic reviews on various GI Endoscopic studies, published in peer reviewed journals, GI Oncology and Outcome and Advanced Endoscopy and Therapeutic.