New Faculty

Dr. Basia Michalski joins the Department of Medicine

Basia Michalski, MD

Dr. Basia Michalski joined the Department of Medicine in the Division of Dermatology as an Assistant Professor in August of 2022.  Mohs micrographic surgery and cutaneous oncology, melanoma, laser surgery (vascular lesion removal, rosacea, pigmented lesion, sun spots, tattoo removal, non-ablative laser resurfacing, photo facial rejuvenation and hair removal), botulinum toxin injection (Botox, Dysport), soft tissue augmentation with fillers (Restylane, Juvederm), sclerotherapy for spider veins, microneedling, treatment of scars, nail surgery, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, dermatology, skin cancer and dermatologic surgery.  Her key interests are management and staging of high risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.