In Vivo Imaging Core

Dear Department of Medicine Faculty,

The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis created the In Vivo Imaging Core (IVIC) in the division of Infectious Diseases to provide a cost-effective resource for investigators requiring in vivo imaging and multi-dimensional data analysis for their research.  Since its inception in 2013, the IVIC has provided imaging data for dozens of papers and grants serving over 40 labs in 22 Wash U departments and divisions and nine external institutions.

  1. What is the IVIC?

The IVIC specializes in using two-photon imaging to study disease processes at the cellular level in live mice (in vivo), human tissue specimens (ex vivo) and cell culture systems (in vitro).  The video below shows examples of two-photon single-cell imaging:

  1. What does the IVIC offer?

The IVIC facility is fully equipped to work with BSL2 pathogens. Users have access to microscopy rooms, wet lab and animal surgery areas, a short-term mouse holding area, a biosafety cabinet and a clean room for data analysis that has two analysis computers equipped with Imaris 9.2 software.  In addition, we have over 20 reporter mouse strains available for academic researchers to use for their studies at affordable prices. The IVIC can assist you in designing pilot/feasibility studies, characterizing new reporter mice and analyzing your experimental data. We have expertise with small animal surgery and various imaging preparations including:

  • Non-invasive in vivo imaging of skin (ear, flank, footpad) and oral mucosa.
  • Intravital imaging of bowel, kidney, spleen, lymph nodes, bladder, heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord
  • Imaging of ex-planted animal tissues, human biopsy specimens, cell cultures and organoids.
  1. How do we use the IVIC?

Contact us and we will create a user account for you, which will give you access to our online reservation system for booking the two-photon microscopes and/or analysis computers. We provide hands on training for researchers interested in two-photon microscopy, intravital imaging preparations and multi-dimensional data analysis. IVIC billing and access are based on a three tier system so please check our website for the details. Wash U researchers have booking priority, but outside researchers are encouraged to inquire about our services and fees.

  1. How do we obtain more information or schedule a free consultation?

Contact us @: or                                                                                                             314-362-3044