Dr. Tiffani Bright joins the Department of Medicine

Dr. Tiffani Bright joined the Department of Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences as an Instructor in July of 2018.

Dr. Bright is a well-recognized expert in the broad area of applied clinical informatics, with specific emphasis on the design, implementation, and evaluation of clinical decision support systems, electronic guideline delivery platforms, as well as the optimization of electronic health records in order to facilitate the triple-aim (e.g., improved quality and safety and decreased cost of healthcare delivery). In addition, she has and continues to lead national level programs on behalf of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) that seek to improve the diversity of the biomedical informatics workforce, including both the Women in AMIA and First Look initiatives, which collectively seek to engage women and under-represented minority groups interested in biomedical informatics in career development, networking, and mentoring activities. As part of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Bright will provide critical education, research and practice capabilities in the aforementioned areas of biomedical informatics knowledge and practice, which will serve to support the training programs of the Institute for Informatics (I2) as well as the pursuit of a variety of extramural funding opportunities spanning the Washington University School of Medicine. Further, she is positioned to serve as an advocate and mentor for women and under-represented minority groups pursuing careers in biomedical informatics, thus helping to improve and enhance the diversity of the department. Finally, Dr. Bright previously served as a fellow and scientific program officer at AHRQ before joining I2. As such, she is able to provide substantial insight and advice to faculty seeking to secure extramural funding from DHHS agencies.