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Global Health Center – now co-funded by Department of Medicine

Global Health Center graphic.

The Global Health Center at Washington University is now
co-funded by the Institute for Public Health along with the Department of Medicine which can help support, sustain and complement one another.

In today’s interconnected world, a disease threat anywhere is a disease threat everywhere. Through research, education and partnership, the center advances health equity in low-resource settings around the world.

Victor G. Davila-Roman

“It’s the local to global connection that really helps the projects get to the next level; the ideas, the concepts and workflow bi-directionally. Local projects and being able to work right here in our own community is what helps makes a difference not only here but all around the world.”

Victor G. Davila-Roman, MD, FACC, FASE
Director, Global Health Center

Global health care is multi-disciplinary collaborative that relies on people from all areas to get engaged with global health programs. The involvement of the Department of Medicine will help bridge the two together to bring more awareness of global health needs and how those at the Department of Medicine can connect and enhance participation across the internal divisions as well as across the medical school and broader university.

Mark Huffman

“Partnering up with DOM offers us a chance to focus on our strengths…for example we have seven faculty from the Cardiology division that focus on cardiovascular research which is one of the largest group of faculty doing this research in the country. The current and projected demographics show us that heart diseases and other chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability. Having the department co-fund is exciting because it brings us together to help support one another in these global health issues.”

Mark D. Huffman, MD, MPH
Co-Director, Global Health Center