Events and Announcements

Effort to screen potential COVID-19 antiviral drugs underway

Six months into the pandemic, people diagnosed with mild cases of COVID-19 still are told to isolate themselves and wait out the infection at home. Doctors monitor such patients so they can intervene if their condition deteriorates, but no antiviral drugs have been shown to hasten recovery or forestall severe illness in people who are not sick enough to be hospitalized. read more

Keeping You Safe

Video on BJC website and in social media helps inform patients and visitors about safety measures

Your health is our priority. Don’t delay getting the care you need. As our community starts to open back up, here are some of the extra precautions we are taking at our hospital to keep you safe.

COVID-19 in-home monitoring program launched

An in-home monitoring program for COVID-19 patients who are not sick enough to be hospitalized has been launched by Washington University School of Medicine and BJC HealthCare. By keeping close watch over COVID patients, doctors hope to identify signs of deterioration early so that they can intervene and, ideally, keep more people out of the hospital… read more

New COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool and Registry

Lead by Washington University, researchers in the field of critical care outcomes have collaborated to set up an open-access website that provides an outcome risk assessment calculator for severe COVID-19 patients getting various treatments… read more and download flyer

Sam’s Club – NEW exclusive shopping hours for all frontline heroes.

In order to support the critical work that healthcare workers and first responders are doing across the country, we’re adding special shopping hours for these frontline heroes, starting this Sunday. We’ll also provide face masks where available and have put in place responsible social distancing guidelines.
Exclusive Hero Hours
Sundays, 8–10 am*
Learn more…